With clinical workflow automation, you can capture data, standardize processes and help improve outcomes. In a Becker's Hospital Review webinar sponsored by OmniLife, Brian Cruddas, operations administrator for transplant at Mayo Clinic Florida in Jacksonville, and Jesse Roach, MD, chief medical officer for CVS Kidney Care, discussed how digital solutions can help providers accelerate the shift to value-based care, including in complex areas such as caring for patients with chronic kidney disease.  Clinical workflow automation is one of the key strategies that providers can use to succeed in the digital age. Not participating in the digital age is no longer an option!

Together, the presenters covered:

How clinical collaboration and communication workflow automation drives financial return, improves care coordination and transparency.

Why starting workflow automation efforts in complex care areas provides scalability.

How every hospital and payor can leverage their data to prepare for the shift to value-based care.

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